A Video Series for a Hotel Elevator


Smallville Hotel




Designing and producing a 6-part animated series to stimulate the senses in a hotel elevator.


The Smallville Hotel in Beirut needed to stream video content on their elevator screens, which are mounted on their ceilings.


Meet Ella. The hero of a 6-part video series. She comes to life in the form of the elevator's lips. They are seamlessly intertwined into wild moving collages of famous ceilings from around the world. As guests are heading up and down the elevators, to and from their destinations, they enter an intimate transition space. Ella entices them through 6 steps of obsession, creating intimate, passionate, and voyeuristic moments with whoever's watching.

And she's worth the watch.


Our audience watches all 6 videos looking up. 


Creative Director Joe Daoud / Film Director Robert Cremona / Director of Photography Julio Gaggia / Animation Ashley Burke / Makeup Anastasia Durasova