Representing a Classic Look




eBay Enterprise


An 8-month email campaign to increase brand awareness and loyalty.


Increase click-throughs and conversions from promotional emails while also communicating the unique Levi’s brand.


Create engaging, dynamic email design that romances the product, features prominent calls-to-action and establishes a clear and consistent brand voice.


Emails averaged a click-to-open rate of 14.10% — a 69% lift over the benchmark of 9.74%.

Average order value is $109.29, a16% improvement compared to a $94.22 average for all emails.


Website content using on-brand seasonal campaigns.


Increase conversions while also establishing a consistent brand look and feel within the e-commerce experience.


Concept and design on-brand seasonal digital campaigns that leverage UX best practices, while implementing an efficient workflow that responds to realtime shifts of inventory and demand.


46% YoY increase in conversion

27% YoY increase in orders

24% YoY increase in cart additions

27% YoY increase in checkout initiations

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.26.34 PM.png

A new navigation system for 501 Shop


Presenting Levi's Vintage

These designs were concepts but showcased a powerful interface to build interest on the story behind Levi’s Vintage.


One design features episodic content on the Levis eBay store. The platform serves up products for auction based on the video content, and users can bid for vintage pieces through eBay Marketplaces.


Designs for festival season on Levi.com