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I am a New York-based creative leader passioned by design and fueled by human data (and Soul Cycle). I am an ambassador for Design Thinking and activating creative cultures.

I currently manage a team of creatives to create engaging commerce experiences that brands value and consumers love. Harnessing eBay’s expertise in commerce, my focus is to integrate digital-centric campaigns with strategy, analytics, and user experience, in order to generate demand, increase sales, improve loyalty and inspire customers. 

Wether it’s finding innovative ways for people to access their favorite items or creating immersive touch-screen platforms in-store, I find it fascinating to be able to connect human behavior and the human body to products and services through interfaces. People don’t just shop for stuff, they shop for experiences, and my goal is to be being able make those experiences more meaningful.

I consider myself to be a versatile creative leader: an expert in data-driven design both online and in-store, a typography-geek, a meticulous animator, and a dreamy illustrator. I’m interested in further connecting the physical and digital, and using this creative process to tell good stories, start cultural dialogues, and drive demand for brands that I believe in.

Enjoy my work and please reach out to tell me what you think or to say hello!

I don't want you to leave my site, but when you're ready, use the links below to access my music, photos, and some more info on Linked In.