Launching a Global Entertainment App




Havas Worldwide


Meet MGO, the simple yet savvy new app built to deliver on your every entertainment whim. 


To launch this great app, we encouraged users to touch the button and see the magic happen.

We invited users to select their favorite TV show or movie from our proprietary EAP (Easy As Pie) interface and watch it immediately on their big screen – or small screens – all devices welcome.

We created a we-got-your-back policy: hooking users up with what they want, even if we don’t have it. 


It’s small. It’s purple. It lives to make you happy. 

Our little guy speaks in lively pop-culture quotes. We used social media to feature him impersonating movie characters and general events.


We've also designed exclusive email invitations to download M-Go, as well as Klout perks and a Four-Square reward for being the mayor of a movie theatre. 


With a compellingly simple interface, people are driven to sign-up, download the app, and start M-Going. They can also do this via Facebook or Twitter accounts.


With the loyalty program, we assign a point value to each M-Go action, we can turn every M-Goer into a frequent user.