An Underground Campaign




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Great happens when people get together on the S train.

The S train running from Times Square to Grand Central Stations in New York was wrapped on the inside to look exactly like a Hyatt conference room. From the inside and outside of the train you see 2 people shaking hands each time the doors closed. 

The Hyatt Great Happens campaign is based upon the belief that when people come together, great things happen.

We are never as productive as we are when we are together. These days we seem to be connected almost constantly; with email, texting, conference calls, video conferences, yet we rarely make any real connections. This campaign proves this belief on different levels and executes it in a multitude of different channels. The combination of these efforts demonstrate that when you plan a meeting at Hyatt, you should plan on something great happening. And it will drive people to their meetings website to do just that.


The campaign takes on another form in Chicago.


Posters were planted on the floor of a high traffic area in the Clark/Lake Station in Chicago. 

As people walked over, they noticed the footprints of all the potential people they could have met walking on the same platform.