Campaigns for Candy (and Chocolate)


The Hershey Company


Havas Worldwide


A Spotify experience for a Jolly Ranchers/Twizzlers and Gym Class Heroes partnership.



Music-lovers across the nation are invited to turn up their stereos this summer with five classic cover tracks recorded by Gym Class Heroes exclusively for Jolly Rancher Candy and Twizzlers fans. The Hershey Company needed to drive at-home DJs to tune-in to these summer favorites (“Summer Breeze," "Cruel Summer," "Good Times," "Lovely Day" and "Summertime”).


We created the “Summer Twist List” campaign to push users to the Jolly Rancher and Twizzlers Facebook pages for free downloads of all five songs. 

In order to create the ultimate summer mix, we came up with a platform where fans can connect to an exclusive Summer Twist ListSpotify app through the brands’ Facebook pages, where they were able to stream the five exclusive Gym Class Heroes summer tracks, twist-up pool-perfect playlists, then add them into any playlist that they can share with friends via Facebook.


Juicy online advertising for Jolly Rancher.


Jolly Rancher is all about mouthwatering, unmistakable bold fruit flavors. These banners needed to excite the senses to make every moment bolder and better for our consumers. This particular piece reflects a concept targeted to music lovers, in line with its media buy on music websites.


A S’mores summer S’memoir.


S'mores are so much more than a delicious treat. It's a timeless tradition that brings family and friends together.

In this Facebook campaign, we encourage s'mores fans to create more of those moments by arming them with the tools, inspiration knowledge they need to virtually capture a summer full of delicious memories. After all, when s'mores are around, so is the fun.

The campaign also included a Pinterest page, online companion banner to a pre-roll video, and a Blog-Her initiative.


Hershey's and Target: a recipe-based mobile experience for the holidays


Target is a leading holiday needs destination and Hershey's Kisses and Reese's Miniatures are iconic, beloved brands that are perfect for all holiday candy users. The Hershey's company wanted to build further capability in mobile advertising and conduct a pilot in partnership with Target. Together, both companies can provide great time-saving ideas for all holiday occasions.

The mobile site's objectives were to drive awareness of featured Hershey's brands for holiday occasions and to drive purchase through Target retail locations. Users are able to browse through a variety of recipes, gifts, and crafts. 

They can then save ingredients and recipes through a shopping list that is forwarded to their mobiles phones. Users can also browse through Target coupons and receive instant savings on their purchase.


Establishing social media presence for the Hershey brands.

Facebook gathers hundreds of thousands of users to share news, updates, coupons, and other offers on their respective Facebook platforms. When Facebook switched to their timeline format, Hershey’s brands needed compelling designs in order to engage their users in the best way possible.